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Stephen Tettey Successfully Defends in EncroChat Drug Supply Case

Stephen Tettey | April 18, 2024

Leading Criminal Barrister Steve Tettey defended a client against charges brought by the National Crime Agency under Operation Venetic and Operation Sedateboom, securing a unanimous verdict of not guilty and acquittal in an EncroChat drug supply case.

The case, that concluded in December 2023, involved allegations of utilising an EncroChat encrypted phone to distribute tens of kilograms of cocaine and heroin. 

With the complexity of the charges, the high stakes involved, and the client previously convicted of drug supply offences Steve Tettey had a difficult task that demanded exceptional legal expertise and advocacy. 

The legal battle was intense. The first trial concluded with a hung jury. Unable to reach a decision after several days of deliberating, the jury was prevented from convicting the defendant. 

Within a matter of months, the re-trial commenced with the prosecution managing to plug every hole carved into their case during the first trial.

Stephen Tettey was undeterred. The re-trial was just as keenly contested on the defendant’s behalf. Throughout the defence of this serious police operation, Steve Tettey showcased unwavering dedication and mastery of the intricacies of the case. 

The range of evidence the National Crime Agency can rely upon make cases like this one particularly hard. Especially with the use of EncroChat phones in cases concerning the importation and supply of drugs because the perception of EncroChat phones is that they are used exclusively for criminal purposes. 

EncroChat phones can send and receive encrypted messages thanks to the special operating system and messaging software installed on them. EncroChat devices are not illegal, some users may  have them simply for privacy reasons.

Very few defendants successfully resist prosecution by the National Crime Agency arising out of Operation Venetic and linked operations. However, thanks to Steve Tettey’s expertise as a trial advocate, the defence emerged victorious with a unanimous verdict of not guilty and acquittal from the jury. 

This outcome represents another occasion whereby Steve Tettey has proven his dedication to a defendant, support of his Solicitors, and his willingness to contest the most difficult of cases using his outstanding advocacy skills. 

Other cases in which Steve has created successful outcomes for his clients over the last year include when he teamed up with Barry Grennan to Defend Client Accused of Exploding Cash Machines and when he won this recent Costs Dispute.

This triumph underscores the importance of a diligent legal team and the right to a fair trial for every individual. Here at Kenworthy’s Chambers, we are committed to providing both through excellent advocacy and robust legal representation. 

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