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Barry Grennan and Stephen Tettey Team up to Defend Client Accused of Exploding Cash Machines

Kenworthy's Chambers | July 4, 2023

Barry Grennan and Stephen Tettey secured an outstanding result for Kenworthy’s Chambers, successfully defending a client who was accused of being part of a gang that blew up cash machines.

The team of experienced Criminal Barristers secured a unanimous acquittal of the most serious offences which included conspiring to cause explosions with intent to endanger life and damage property.

Their client had been connected to the criminal operation to rob cash machines via a number of sources, including forensic evidence recovered by Crime Scene Investigators.

The prosecution claimed the client was part of a gang that would travel across the country blowing up cash machines with improvised explosives to remove the cash, endangering the lives of those who lived and worked nearby, with no regard for property damage.

In addition, the prosecution claimed that the gang armed themselves when challenged by the police and rammed a police car in a getaway attempt.

Over the course of a three-week trial at Stafford, Crown Court, Head of Chambers Barry Grennan and Stephan Tettey, vigorously challenged every aspect of the prosecution case. Thanks to their combined efforts, and skilful, client-focused approach to the trial, the jury was completely unconvinced of the client’s guilt and unanimously acquitted them of all charges. 

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The legal directory Chambers and Partners state Barry Grennan specialises as a Criminal Defence Advocate and is often instructed in serious and complex criminal cases.

Stephen Tettey specialises in representing defendants in serious Criminal Law cases in the Crown Court and is often praised for his calm and persuasive style.

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