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Stephen Tettey Wins Cost Dispute

Kenworthy's Chambers | September 21, 2023

Senior Barrister Stephen Tettey successfully secured a favourable outcome in a significant cost dispute heard on 27/03/2023 at the Senior Cost Court Office in London. 

This triumph enabled the client law firm to reclaim a substantial amount of legal expenses from the Legal Aid Agency and solidifies Stephen’s reputation as a formidable legal professional, proficient in diverse areas of law, including Costs.

In this case, Stephen Tettey leveraged his deep understanding of Criminal Law. His meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive analysis of the case, combined with his ability to effectively communicate complex legal arguments, proved pivotal in securing victory for his Solicitors.

His persuasive courtroom presence and ability to dismantle opposing arguments were instrumental in convincing the court of the merits of his client’s position. Through his formidable advocacy skills, Stephen presented compelling arguments that not only highlighted the legitimacy of the solicitor’s claim but also showcased their unwavering commitment to their client and upholding justice.  

Throughout the case Stephen Tettey provided unwavering support to the client Solicitors, diligently guiding them with astute legal advice and strategic counsel. Recognising the significant impact reduced claims can have on small and medium-sized law firms, Stephen persevered despite the claim being repeatedly rejected by the Legal Aid Agency.

As a result of Stephen’s perseverance, the local law firm has now recovered a substantial amount of legal expenses, safeguarded their financial interests, and bolstered their ability to provide high-quality, client-focused legal services.

With an impressive track record spanning several practice areas, including serious Crime, Human Rights, and Sports Law, Stephen Tettey is widely recognized for his extensive knowledge and strategic acumen. His broad expertise has consistently proven instrumental in delivering favourable outcomes for clients, both in high-stakes trials and complex negotiations.

Stephen Tettey remains steadfast in his commitment to fighting for justice and is dedicated to his clients’ causes. This recent case win serves as a testament to Stephen’s comprehensive legal knowledge and his ability to navigate complex legal challenges with finesse. 

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