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Sally Penni & Olivia Edwards Chair and Present “BAME Matters in Family Law” with Child Concern

Kenworthy's Chambers | August 28, 2020

Child Concern presented "BAME Matters in Family Law" on 26th August 2020 via Zoom.

The seminar was Chaired by Barrister and Founder of Women in the Law UK, Sally Penni and presented by Family Law Barrister, Olivia Edwards.

The "BAME Matters in Family Law" seminar also featured Psychologist Dr Aneela Pilkington and expert Social Worker, Annette Williams.

The seminar shared experiences and lessons from leading professionals in Family Law, looking at the effects of Black Lives Matter, BAME matters as it relates to Family Law and the issues we need to think about.

The seminar addressed different cultural practices with regards to parenting in Private and Public Law, how practitioners can realistically address those differences and how the use of specific cultural experts in Family Law can be an invaluable resource.

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