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Kenworthy’s Cake Sale Raises Money for MacMillan

Kenworthy's Chambers | February 14, 2024
Kenworthy’s Chambers hosted a MacMillian Coffee and Cake morning raising a grand total of £253.35 for the UK’s leading cancer support charity.

Kenworthy’s Chambers hosted a MacMillian Coffee and Cake morning raising a grand total of £253.35 for the UK’s leading cancer support charity.

We caught up with the organiser, Family Clerk, Daniella Howarth to see how the fundraiser went.

Congratulations on running your first charity fundraiser at Kenworthy’s! How did it go?

All in all, it was a great success. People could come and go, helping themselves to cakes and coffee whilst having a bit of a chat and catching up. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed, and we had quite a selection of treats to enjoy!

Fantastic! What snacks did everyone bring in? Which was your favourite?

Sue Barlow brought in some millionaire shortbreads, Mr Kipling’s, and sticky toffee cakes. From the clerking team, Ella Edwards made some sausage rolls, I made some Biscoff flapjacks, and AJ brought in cookies and a red velvet cake. Plus, Immigration Barrister Gita Patel brought in an assortment of doughnuts! My personal favourite however was an old-school cake that Nicola Jones made. It was delightful. Light and fluffy with delicious icing on the top. 

Who else attended? 

Everyone from the clerking team, Barristers, and some clients.  It was a really nice way to catch up with some of our clients and Barristers who we haven’t seen in person for some time.

Why MacMillan Cancer Support?

The MacMillan Coffee and Cake Morning is an easy, fun way to raise money for an amazing charity that I am sure is close to everyone’s hearts. We semi-regularly do fundraisers for them and it means a lot to me personally as the charity works closely with people affected by cancer and I have family members who have been affected by cancer. MacMillan was there to support them and played a big part in their wellbeing at the time. This is the first charity fundraiser I have organised at Kenworthy’s and given the success we have had with it; I intend on doing more!

That’s amazing! How much money did the cake sale raise?

So far, in total, we have raised £253.35! I’d encourage others to organise one for their work too, it is easy enough and you can visit their website for resources.

Lastly, we can’t let you leave without praising your Biscoff flapjacks, which proved to be the most popular treat of the MacMillan Coffee and Cake Morning! How did it go making them?

It went rather well; I just followed an online recipe which was genuinely easy. I am officially Biscoff mad, so they tasted amazing (and everyone who tried them agreed)!

Thanks to Daniella Howarth for organising our charity cake sale. Visit MacMillan’s Coffee Website for help in organising your own MacMillan Coffee and Cake Morning.