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Brett Wilson

Family & Finance

Brett has a strong family practice where he concentrates on domestic abuse, private law and financial matters. He is often instructed on a direct access basis.


Brett has experience in a broad range of private law children matters representing mother's a fathers. Examples of cases include:

- representing a father in an intractable contact dispute. Successfully rebutted allegations of domestic abuse (including those of a serious sexual nature) and persuaded the court to investigate parental alienation;

- representing a father where the advice to the court was no direct contact due to uncertainties with the father's immigration status. Successfully argued that the father's application was not bolstering an immigration application and the uncertain immigration status was not a bar to direct contact;

- successfully obtaining a wasted costs order for a client where delays had been caused by the other party in complying with court directions;

- representing a mother in her application to vary a child arrangements order and the setting aside of a prohibited steps order. The case resultedi in a successful appeal and rehearing.


Brett has experience in finance and property matters that affect families. This includes co-habiting couples and contentious probate. Examples of cases include:

- representation of a wife in which she received a property adjustment order for the FMH and costs;

- representation of a wife in enforcement of a final order in the USA. Brett obtained an attachment of earnings order, third party disclosure order and warrant for the arrest of the husband;

- representation of a husband in a case involving substantial overseas assets in the middle east;

- representation of a husband in which Brett successfully established that his client was not in fact the owner of property in Pakistan and that the documents relied upon in attempt to demonstrate the ownership of overseas assets could have been forged;

- representation of a husband with a number of UK properties and a complicated trust arrangement. The case involved an application to unravel a number of dispositions of property;

- representation of parties involving applications of maintenance pending suit. Brett has successfully defended applications or had the amount ordered to be paid substantially less than that claimed. Where he is representing applicants, he ensures that the evidence robust and procedure is adhered to in order to avoid the application being successfully challenged;

- representation of a partner in a trusts of land matter in which his client was awarded declaratory relief and order for sale and costs;

- representation of two defendants to a contentious probate claim against four claimants. The claim was dismissed and the claimant's ordered to pay the defendant's costs.

Domestic Abuse and other matters

Brett represents both complainants and those accused of domestic abuse. Brett has been successful in obtaining and defending applications for protective orders. This includes finding of fact hearings where Brett uses his experience as a criminal barrister in the examination of witnesses.
Other matters include the advice to a NHS Trust facing an application for an order to permit the posthumous removal of gametes.

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