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Jonathan Turner


Violent Offences:


R v Humfrey - murder. The defendant was acquitted following the Crown's allegation that the defendant had used a vehicle to mow down a man who had stolen drugs from him in an act of "tarmacing":

R v Qayum - murder. The defendant awaits trial accused of a joint enterprise murder in retribution for drugs being stolen:

R v Oakley - murder. The defendant awaits trial accused of a joint enterprise murder following a confrontation in a park:

R v (A youth) - attempted murder. The defendant was acquitted of attempted murder after being accused of stabbing a man twice whilst uttering the words "I'm going to kill you". He was convicted of the lesser offence of causing grievous bodily harm with intent:

R v Shah - attempted murder of wife and child by slashing their throats before turning the knife upon himself:

R v Smethurst - attempted murder of taxi driver by repeatedly stabbing him in the neck whilst shouting "die die die". Acquitted of attempted murder, convicted of S18 GBH.


R v Daniels - £20 million cocaine. Defendant accused of transporting £20 million worth of cocaine across the U.K.

R v Pasulka - multi million crystal meth operation where the defendant was accused a importing the drug from Turkey to the U.K before arranging its onward distribution in Japan: holiday-snaps/

R v Akmal - smuggling £100k of heroin from Pakistan into the U.K.

R v Derricutt: trial involving conspiracy to supply over £100k of class A drugs


R v Akhigbe - defendant found not guilty in £300k+ fraud committed by applying for credit cards and stealing credit those issued cards from post boxes.

R v Rana - defendant's tricking complainants to transfer money to their bank accounts by impersonating law enforcement

R v Farhan - defendant found not guilty of conspiring to defraud the immigration service through false marriages:

R v Mahmood - £350,000 banking scam where defendant used legitimate business to obtain fraudulent loans:

Reported Cases:

R v Clancy [2012] 2 Cr.App.R. 7, CA (para 24-183 Archbold) - possession of a bladed article and reasonable excuse

R v Walsh SCCO Ref: 197/16 - PPE can be awarded where evidential disc returned to the Police and not available to submit to LAA

Reported Cases

Violent Offences:
R v Seigher, Davis, Patrick and Castell - seven-week trial of four defendants charged with section 18 GBH, affray and racially aggravated ABH. The two complainants suffered stab wounds, fractures and bite marks.

R v Lovett and two others - 20-day trial for S18 GBH in relation to three brothers who pushed a man in front a moving bus and continued the attack as he lay trapped under the bus wheels by repeatedly kicking his head. Click here for the report from the Daily Mail.

R v Coyle and four others - the defendant from a travelling community attempted to remove a body from the morgue at Lewisham Hospital when he was interrupted by the deceased's family. This resulted in a knife fight moving along the hospital wings and serious injuries being inflicted. Click here for the news report.

R v Adeyemi - five-week trial involving four family members accused of abusing their related children to years of neglect and assaults.

R v Yekinni - 2-week trial of tax evasion and false benefit claims with papers amounting to over 5,000 pages.

R v Turner and five others - the theft of over £500,000 worth of plant equipment which was shipped to Cyprus. Click here to see the report from the Bexley Times.

R v Walsh and Another - fraud involving the forgery of court documents and unlawful evictions. Click here to see the news report.

R v Mordi - fraud involving the loss of over £100,000 from the Borough of Southwark. Click here to see the news report.

R v Bagdu & Huber - possession with intent to supply class A drugs. The case resulted from a lengthy surveillance operation and involved a number of P.I.I. applications.

R v Sheikh - 21-day trial dealing with charges of supplying drugs, possession of firearms and perverting the course of justice.

R v Round - conspiracy to supply class A drugs which had been stolen from Manchester Police Property Store by a civilian employee of the police. Click to see the report in the Manchester Evening News. The case was also reported in the Mirror Online.

R v Gilloway & Ferry - sophisticated operation to cultivate cannabis with a potential yield in excess of £300,000 per annum.

Sexual Offences:
R v Farrar - prosecuted a man who admitted 41 charges including making indecent images of children. The case was covered in The Sun.

R v Reeves - 10 day trial of a defendant indicted with sexual assault of her twin cousins who she caused to perform oral sex upon her for many years.

R v Quaintance - trial of historic pedophilic sexual abuse within the Catholic Church with multiple complainants. Click here to see the news report.

R v Shults - stepfather accused of historic sexual abuse of his stepdaughter over a prolonged period.

Reported Cases:
R v Clancy [2012] 2 Cr.App.R. 7, CA (para 24-183 Archbold) - possession of a bladed article and reasonable excuse

Other Cases:
R v Farhan - Defended a man accused of committing fraud by arranging sham marriages. The case received coverage in the Sun and on the CPS website.

R v Eccleshare - prosecuted a man who stole £8,000 from a family friend while she was seriously ill in hospital. The case received coverage in the Daily Mail, the Manchester Evening News and the Bolton News.

R v Jordan Walters - prosecuted a burglar who stole a cash tin after a ‘smash and grab' robbery of a grocer's shop. The case was reported in the Bolton News.

R v Milne & Hudson - prosecuted two burglars who tried to steal military memorabilia including guns and swords. Click here to see the case reported in the Liverpool Echo.

R v Logan & Ryder - prosecuted in a care home case. Click here to see the report in the Mirror Online.

Regulatory & Professional Disciplinary:
R v Tinkers - selling of unsafe electrical items in breach of health and safety regulations.

London Borough of Southwark v Thames Water - accused of breaching permit conditions.

London Borough of Enfield v Thames Water - acquittal following charges brought under S71(2) and S60(1) of the