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Settlement Agreements and The Importance of Exactly Who You Are

by Lee Bronze 29/10/2020

"Hi, my name is and I am [insert job]....".

Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is that so very frequently when we meet new people, we state our names and then we almost always follow that up with our job title? It never seems to be that we are the "sister/brother of..." or "the son/daughter of..." or that we say we are of a certain religious faith or no-faith - yet these are so often the closest relationships we have. Whether it is typically because pre-lockdown we spend more time at work than doing anything else or of late our colleagues are almost permanent fixtures on our computer screens through Zoom, the fact is that we all define ourselves, to an extent, by our jobs.

It is for that reason that my colleagues and I in the Employment Team firmly believe that it is critical when potentially being offered a settlement agreement from your employer that you get the best advice possible. Settlement Agreements can have a potentially life-changing effect on your career and therefore your life. Our Employment Barristers are specialists in what we do and believe with such an important decision in the balance, you deserve the best advice possible.

If you have any queries and are interested in a no obligation quote then please contact our employment clerk, Tom Harrington on [email protected] or 0161 832 4036.