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Women in the Law UK Dinner 2018

by Kenworthy's Chambers 12/03/2018

Written by Rachel White

Lady Hale provided inspiration to over 200 guests at the annual dinner of 'Women in the Law UK' on 8 March 2018 in celebration of International Women's Day at The Midland Hotel, Manchester.

The Supreme Court President spoke of how we could be pleased with how far equality in the law had been developed, but reflected upon how far we still had to go.  She reminded us of how entrenched opposition was to women getting jobs in the legal profession at all, and then to admission into its higher echelons.

She pointed to the recently increased numbers of women judges at all levels, but said it would be some time before the numbers of female judges match the numbers of women entering the legal professions. She said that it was important that the judiciary was recruited as the best people from many different sources, and not just those places from which judges have traditionally been appointed. So far as ethnic diversity in the legal professions and judiciary was concerned she accepted the challenge was even greater. She urged us all not to give up the struggle.

Our tables were dressed with gorgeous flowers - aptly in suffragette colours of purple, white and green. A choir, violinist, folk singer and soprano entertained the room. It was lovely to share such an evening with so many interesting women. I sat on a table with old friends (Sharon Wade and Chelsea Thomas) but I made some new ones too; AGI criminal solicitors were out in full force.

Sally Penni was both organizer and compere extraordinaire, ably assisted by a team of women who kindly gave their time to make this possible. Thank you ladies (titled and not) for your words, and your deeds.

Women in the Law UK Dinner 2018