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Kenworthy’s Barristers Recognised for Pro-Bono Work

by Kenworthy's Chambers 07/05/2019

Kenworthy's Immigration & Asylum Team have been recognised in Bail for Immigration Detainees Annual Report for their pro-bono advocacy services with the charity; the team have worked with the charity offering their pro-bono services since 2006.

The report shows the BID team worked tirelessly to assist 5941 individuals during their 2017-2018 and prepared 625 bail applications, with 489 bail hearings being heard and 282 individuals released on bail, a 58% success rate. BID's work provides an important check on the Home Office's exercise of its powers to indefinitely detain migrants, and provides representation to those caught up in the UK's detention estate who may otherwise be unable to access assistance in challenging the, often excessive, length of their detention. In the increasingly hostile climate that faces those subject to the UK's immigration control, the team at Kenworthy's are proud to continue their long running commitment to the unique and invaluable service that BID provides.

You can find Bail for Immigration Detainees full report here.