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Jonathan Greer Successfully Represents Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Child in Asylum Appeal

by Kenworthy's Chambers 21/12/2018

Jonathan Greer instructed by Parker Rhodes Hickmotts, successfully represented performing arts student Hossein Ahmadi, at Bradford IAC earlier this month.

Jonathan's client had arrived in the UK in 2016 as a child, having fled Iran after witnessing his older brother's abduction by the Iranian authorities. Mr Ahmadi's father was executed by the Iranian authorities due to his family's association with the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran some time earlier. Mr Ahmedi feared that he would be the next member of his family to be persecuted.

After delaying in reaching a decision in Mr Ahmedi's application for asylum for 2 years, the Secretary of State for the Home Department rejected Mr Ahmadi's application for Asylum in the UK, telling him it would be safe for him to return.

Hossein Ahmadi, who was still a teenager by the date of the hearing, was accompanied by two Coaches of fellow students, tutors and his foster carers to support him during the hearing.

The Court heard from a Home Office representative who claimed Jonathan's client was "someone who has fabricated for Asylum in the UK" due to discrepancies in his evidence about exact dates when he fled his family home and difficulties in the conversion of dates from the Persian calendar to the western calendar. After hearing Jonathan's submissions, Judge J R Neville ruled that Mr Ahmadi was telling the truth and allowed Ahmadi's appeal, agreeing with Jonathan's submissions that Mr Ahmadi was entitled to political asylum.

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