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Immigration/Asylum Team Update: LASPO 5 Years On…

by Kenworthy's Chambers 24/09/2018

The Bar Council recently carried out a campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #LASPOStories, where Barristers were able to share their experiences and observations of the effects of the LASPO review 5 years ago, which resulted in a huge reduction in the access to legal aid across all areas of law. Our Immigration/Asylum Team provided an insight into the mass effect LASPO had on Immigration cases.

John Nicholson explains "Access to legal aid for immigration cases has been taken away for everything bar asylum cases. If you are about to be deported & cannot access legal aid what can you do? Legal aid should be automatic in those cases, but it's not."

Immigration, is not a legal area regularly mentioned when cuts to Legal Aid are discussed but an area that was hit significantly 5 years ago, John expands to say "Immigration, those who are vulnerable &/or have mental health issues are vulnerable to a system where legal advice can come too late. There are no good or bad migrants, just migrants & all should be treated equally under the law". Further comments from Barristers were published in a Politics Home online article, read more here.