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David Morton Represents David Harvey in an Explosives Case in the Court of Appeal

by Kenworthy's Chambers 27/03/2018

David Morton represented Mr Harvey on Friday in the Court of Appeal, before Mr Justice Sweeney, Lord Justice Bean and His Honour Judge Leonard QC.

In December last year, Mr Harvey pled guilty at Minshull Street Crown Court and was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in custody for creating an explosive device in his home. The device was analysed by experts stated the device, if detonated, could potentially cause injury to those in close proximity.

Mr Morton told the court of how Mr Harvey's sentence was too harsh, highlighting his previous good character and how his explosive device had "no potential for causing any serious harm". Mr Harvey has been in custody since May 2017, his arrest, charge and sentence were a lengthier process due to Mr Harvey being very ill from a rat bite during his time in custody; Mr Morton argued that time he had already served in custody "would have met justice of the matter".

Succeeding the hearing in the Court of Appeal, Mr Harvey's sentence was reduced to 2 years and 4 months. The Manchester Evening News reports further here.