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Geoff Whelan

  • Year of call: 1996



Geoff joined Kenworthy's Chambers in 1999 and specialises in criminal law.

Lecture Experience:

Part of the Kenworthy's Chambers lecture team, Geoff has lectured on sexual offences and non-defendant bad character applications.  Geoff also teaches on the Additional Advocacy Programme on the Bar Professional Training Course at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Interests Outside the Law:

Geoff has a layman's interest in science and skepticism and is a board member of a non-profit making company that runs an annual science conference in Manchester (he is therefore very comfortable dealing with any case which has scientific issues).  He has also lectured on religion and the law to a lay audience.  Aside from these interests, Geoff also enjoys snowboarding.

Reported Cases

Serious Crime:

  • R v Marlon Bills (2016) Prosecuted a man who threw his ex-partner out of a 2nd floor bathroom window. Press coverage
  • R v Moore (2016): Grooming 3 girls through blackberry messenger. Prosecution counsel. Press coverage
  • R v Adam Swellings [2008] All ER (D) 130 (Nov) : Gary Newlove murder.  Junior Counsel for the main defendant at trial and appeal against conviction on issues of bad character.
  • R v Leon Ramsden : Murder.  Junior Counsel for the prosecution
  • R v Gary Knox : Murder.  Junior Counsel for the prosecution
  • R v Lee Smith : Junior Counsel for the defence in a multi-handed £500M drugs importation case.
  • R v Kelly Askew : Prosecuting counsel in over £1/2M drugs case
  • R v Lee Berns : Murder.  Diminished responsibility
  • R v Darren Appleyard : Murder. Junior Counsel for the defence
  • R v Natenale Lakew : Murder.  Junior Counsel for the prosecution.  Defendant originally unfit to plead, then remitted back to the court for trial after 8 years of a Hospital Order.
  • R v John Waldron : Armed Robbery.  Defence counsel
  • R v John Hardy : Armed Robbery.  Prosecution counsel.  Obtained conviction on matters previously discontinued by the prosecution.
  • R v Ye Ho Han : Drugs conspiracy.  Prosecution counsel.
  • R v Matthew Phair : Death by Dangerous Driving.  Defence counsel
  • R v Jordan Clayton : Death by Dangerous Driving.  Prosecution counsel
  • R v Halimo Ma'alin : Passport offence.  Defence counsel for appeal only.  Successfully appealed conviction despite guilty plea on basis of erroneous legal advice.
  • R v Hana Kadir Rasoul : Passport offence.  Defence counsel for appeal only.  Successful appeal against sentence.
  • R v Webbe : Defence counsel.  Guideline case on handling stolen goods.

Criminal Fraud & Proceeds of Crime:

  • R v William Thomson : Prosecuted confiscation proceedings where benefit figure was in excess of £1M.
  • R v Anthony Barratt : Defended confiscation proceedings where the benefit figure was around £1.5M.

Sexual Offences:

  • R v B [2010] EWCA Crim 2353 : Prosecuted rape trial and successfully opposed appeal against conviction on issues of psychiatric reports and bad character.
  • R v Steven Strong : Successfully prosecuted Leading Counsel in joined cases of rape and kidnapping, where one rape allegation had previously been discontinued.
  • R v Peter Tuffley : Successfully prosecuted former Parliamentary Aide to a Home Office Ministrer for child grooming offences.
  • R v David Isaac : Successfully defended rape allegation made by the defendant's ex-partner.
  • R v Albert Liptrott : Successfully defended rape allegation made by the defendant's ex-partner.
  • R v Anthony Courtnay : Successfully defended rape allegation.
  • R v Stuart Whitehead : Successfully prosecuted case of false imprisonment and male rape.
  • R v Keith Ceesay : Successfully prosecuted case of historic sexual abuse.

Professional Memberships & Publications

  • Member of the Society of Labour Lawyers